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Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Are you excited for the wintertime? What spot inside your home do you enjoy the most while sipping tea or coffee, especially coming inside from the freezing cold weather outside? There is one thing we don’t get a ton of here in the south- snow. However, temperatures get unexpectedly low during the winter months.

Don’t let the fact that you are in the South fool you. There are still steps needed to prepare your home for upcoming weather.

The heating system comes first on the list. First, replace your air filters. Next, clean your heating vents so air can freely flow. The easiest way to make sure that the heating system works properly is to call a qualified service technician. While doing your own tune-up will help keep your furnace running efficiently, a professional inspection and tune-up every few years is still a good investment. The pros are the people who have the skills and equipment to ensure that any parts that might degrade over time are still functioning properly.

Your exterior faucets are exposed to very cold temperatures. You should turn off their water supply inside the house and drain any water by opening up exterior faucets.

Make sure your gutters are free from leaves, twigs, and gunk. In case of huge rains, the water can back up against the house and damage the roof and siding. While cleaning gutters, give a look at your roof and make sure there is no damage.

Calk around windows and doors. Leaks around windows and doors will lead to a waste of heat and hence a waste of energy more than needed.

Finally, make sure you purchase a CO detector if you don’t have one, or change batteries if you do have it.

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