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Christmas Driving Tips

Unfortunately, Christmas time counts for a huge number of hazards on the road. You must be well prepared for these hectic days. Wondering what could you do?

Keep your vehicle maintained

Make sure your tires are in good condition, windshield wipers are working properly, you have enough necessary fluids, and your lights are in good condition.

Don’t rush

Wherever you are planning to go, give yourself extra time to get there. If you are running late, you will be stressed and emotionally distracted which can lead to serious consequences.

Be extra careful

Unfortunately, there will be drivers not following rules or may drive under the influence. Therefore, give yourself extra room when you are turning or merging and keep a greater distance from other vehicles as much as possible.

Be aware of “morning-after

If you had a couple of drinks on Christmas Eve, it’s most likely that you will still be under the influence the morning after, even though you might feel fine. Please, avoid driving until later in the afternoon.

Don’t leave your gifts visible

When you park, don’t ever leave gifts at the back of your car or somewhere else where they are visible. Avoid doing it even if you stop for just “five minutes”.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas holiday!

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