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Distracted driving contract with children

There are 3.81 million licensed drivers in SC. Every year, thousands of young people earn some level of their driver’s license. And the number one issue seen with these new drivers is distracted driving

So, what’s a parent to do?

From a personal perspective, talk to your young person. Nothing beats a good conversation with constant re-emphasis. Emphasize the importance of arriving alive.

From a technical perspective, there are 5 new apps that help reinforce your conversation. 

The Top 5 “No Texting While Driving” Apps for the iPhone in 2019

LifeSaver. As one of the top-rated “do not disturb while driving” apps for iPhone, LifeSaver is able to deter distracted driving for families and fleets. When a driver is in-drive status, it notifies his/her connections on the app to avoid calling or texting the driver.

SafeDrive. SafeDrive is the mobile app that gives points for not using the phone while driving. As you drive more, you earn more points. The points can be used for buying products with discounts from partner companies.

DriveMode. This app helps consumers to change the way they use technology in the car. One of the best features on this app is that you can reply to a message or text via hands-free using voice commands.

Cellcontrol. It stops drivers from using the phone while driving. Once the car starts moving, the screen is blocked from operation. However, you are always able to dial an emergency number.

TextLimit. With this app, drivers can set the speed limit. Once the vehicle exceeds the limit set, the phone’s functionality will be inhibited by an alert message and the driver won’t be able to use the phone.

Do your own research. You may want to install one of these on your young person’s phone.

This may be one of the best gifts you could give them.

Thanks for reading!

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