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Essential Spring Farming Preparation Tips

The first day of spring is almost here and this is a crucial time for farmers to predict the upcoming successes for spring and summer seasons. It’s time to establish a foundation for the summer and get some groundwork done.

Start with inspecting farm equipment. Before the season kicks off, make sure that all of your equipment is working properly. The high efficiency of your equipment will help you improve productivity. One more thing- consider adding a rock block to protect and reduce rocks or debris from hitting your tractor and breaking windows.

As we all know, soil preparation is critical for healthy plants. Test your soil’s PH nutrient levels to measure the field's fertility and decide which crop will yield best. Healthy soil will ensure a successful harvest.

After you determine the PH nutrient levels, the next step is plant selection. After you decide on soil, seed costs should be taken into account. Keep in mind that the seeds you order are a commodity in your area.

White lamb lying on a stack of hay.

Check on your livestock. It’s important that you clean out livestock shelters. Water that is left from the winter months can cause mold and other allergens. If any of the animals seem sick, contact a veterinarian to keep them healthy.

Obviously, weather preparation is just as important as the other above-mentioned facts. Get a good handle on the weather so you know when your peak days to prepare are. Spring is a great time to take care of any flooding and to prepare for droughts that occur during the summer months.

To have a great spring season ahead, start with preparation today! And last but not least, ensure that you are protected with the proper farm insurance policy!

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