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Essentials for Boating Safety

Summer has officially started and we all know how relaxing it feels while cruising on the boat. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, it’s a good idea to review a couple of essential boating safety rules before leaving a dock.

1. Don't forget to bring a boat safety kit with you including a flashlight, duct tape, bucket, first aid kit, whistle, ropes, mirror, garbage bags, fire extinguisher, and definitely life jackets!

2. Choose the right life jacket! First thing first, make sure it fits your body (height and weight). Keep in mind that many life jackets are designed to turn an unconscious person face-up and even help with hypothermia. If you are fishing, you might want to choose a life jacket with pockets.

3. Double-check the weather before going on the boat and recheck it often. It’s hard to predict summer storms that popup quickly. If you notice varying gusts of wind and choppy water, you should leave the water immediately.

4. DO NOT drink and boat. Also, operate at a safe speed and ensure that passengers stay within the boat’s railings.

5. If it’s your first-time boating, prior to heading out on the water, we recommend you take a boating safety course. There are many courses available online. You need to be aware of rules and responsibilities.

6. Check your boat regularly!

7. Avoid swimming in the marina.

8. Lastly, do not forget to get your boat protected. No matter how much you get prepared, accidents happen.

We would appreciate an opportunity to provide you a quote on covering your boat.

Thanks for reading!

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