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Farmers- Get Ready for Winter Months

The weather does not look alike, but winter is coming faster than you think. Getting prepared on time will save you energy and release stress. Here, around South Caroline, we may not witness snow but temperatures can drop pretty low and be frigid.

Winter can be a fun-filled season, but for those on a farm it requires quite a preparation. By the end of autumn, farmers want to have already accumulated the resources necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

To be ready for cold climates, we prepared a few tips that will help the process be easier.

First things first, soil needs to be taken care of before the colder weather arrives. Animal waste, garden materials, and other organic materials can be turned into compost and added back into the soil. Compost will continue to break down during the winter and will be all ready for the spring season!

Flower gardens have to be ready for freezing temperatures so that they can bloom again in spring. Winter is a good time to prune fruit trees as most trees go dormant, making the process much easier. It’ll be less hassle during winter since you won’t have to deal with falling leaves or endure the scorching heat. Following farm tips like these create a simpler experience that’ll fully prepare you for winter.

Make sure you store farming equipment properly, otherwise they may become difficult to use when you need them. Speaking of farming equipment, during the autumn most farming tools and plants are on sale. Take advantage of it and by the time winter comes, these plants are already in their dormant state. It means less caring for them will be less demanding, and you will only have to wait for them to grow once spring comes.

Most importantly, ensure that your animals are sheltered and kept in a closed and warm place. If you keep goats on your farm, another important task is to take care of hoof trimming. Overgrown hooves may make walking painful, predispose the animal to other foot and leg problems and competing for feed is difficult. Make sure that your livestock is comfortable and healthy!

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