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Farming Adventure

Did you ever think about purchasing a couple goats, chickens, or perhaps gardening some vegetables in your backyard? Considering the rise in food prices and increased interest in healthy nutrition, farming can be great supply of your food and/or income, as well as provide joy and satisfaction of running an agricultural operation of your own.

Besides that, farm animals can be yours or your kid’s best friends- they are simply lovely!

And most important, you don’t need thousands of acres of corn, or herds of cattle to dive into farming. Most hobby farms are built on just a few acres!

If you decide to run a hobby farm, know that it brings new responsibilities for you- hobby farms need separate insurance coverage!

- You need liability protection! Just think about it, maybe your guests get sick after eating your eggs, or your goat gets mad and runs at somebody on the street.

- Your homeowner’s policy may not cover your hobby farm if there is any damage to your farm equipment or barns.

- You don’t want to lose what you put work in. One storm is enough to destroy your entire harvest, or even your barn that you have built for the animals. Even though you might not farm for a living, it is heartbreaking to lose your hard work.

If you have added even a small farming activity to your property, make sure you talk to your agent before it’s too late!

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