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Get Your Machinery Ready For Spring

Before you head to the field, make sure you prepare your tractor. Like any other farming

equipment, if properly stored this should be a simple task.

However, there are few things to consider before turning it on.

First thing first, walk around the tractor. Ensure all safety devices and shielding are there

and in correct working order. Verify warning flashers, turn signals, check seat belts, and if

equipped, make sure that cab doors close properly.

To avoid disasters, pay attention to the engine. Inspect your engine and address any fluid or

exhaust leaks that can be a fire hazard. Also, take a look at hoses and belts, for any signs

of deterioration or cracking. Make sure that air filters are clean and your engine is


Adjust your tire pressure and ensure that you have them as low as you possibly can

according to tire recommendations. 10 PSI or less is ideal.

If your tractor is or will soon reach its scheduled oil and filter service, perform these services

before you start work in the spring. Check fuel filters and tanks, and if needed change filters

and drain water from tanks.

When it comes to the electrical, start by checking how your tractor reacts when starting it

up. If you notice it’s slow to turn over, it is probably due to drained batteries.

Don’t wait any longer. You may need to call a professional to do it for you.

Lastly, don’t forget to get farm insurance!

Good luck!

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