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Home Safety Checklist

We tend to avoid thinking about the worst that could happen and when it does, we are not prepared. We have a couple of simple and easy steps to keep your family safe around the house.

Test your smoke alarms and CO detectors. Make sure they are working properly. If you don’t have them, it’s perfect time to install some- preferably one in each bedroom and on each floor including the basement.

Think about placing fire escape ladders. In case of a fire starts, there might not be a clear exit out through the doors. If you need to get out of the window in a second-story bedroom, you will be thankful for having ladders ready. Share the plan to escape with family members and remind them about it periodically.

Review your kitchen. A kitchen is usually equipped with the most flammable stuff. In case of a small fire, you can prevent it from spreading throughout the kitchen by having working fire extinguishers ready. Add some more on each floor and make sure they are working properly.

Don’t forget about the emergency kit and must-have items:

  • Important documents in the waterproof tub (passports, insurance policies, etc.)

  • A first aid kit and personal hygiene items

  • Battery-powered radio and a flashlight

  • A three-day supply of food and bottled water along with can opener, plates, cups, etc.

Take a look at your fireplace, wood stove, space heaters, air conditioners. These elements are the second leading cause of home fires in the U.S. Clean the chimney if you have one or a professional inspect it for you. Clean out flammable materials at least 36 inches away from the firebox. Before the heat of the summer begins, have a licensed HVAC perform routine maintenance on air conditioner units. Remember to change your filters every one to two months.

Protect children and pets by removing poisoning materials away from their reach. Any medications, cleaners, or other toxic products from the kitchen, garage, and bathrooms should be placed in locked cabinets.

Don’t let your basement flood. Once a year, check your sump pump. There should be no debris and pipes should be clear so water flows freely.

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