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Home Safety During Christmas

Christmas is probably the most beautiful time of the year. Spending time with your family and

loved ones during this time is simply magnificent. Many of the things we enjoy over the Christmas

period, such as fairy lights, candles, paper hats, decorations, fireworks, etc. can be

hazardous when proper care is not taken.

#FarmersMutualSC has prepared a list of tips to keep in mind and have a safe holiday


First things first, as we are still fighting against covid19, follow the government safety

measures. Avoid big gatherings and try to always keep a recommended distance.

  • Keep your Christmas tree away from heat sources

  • Don’t leave cooking unattended. Most fires start in the kitchen.

  • Follow instructions on cord labels before connecting light strings and extension

  • cords.

  • If you have outdoor lights, make sure they are meant for outdoor use

  • Turn off decoration lights when you are going to sleep or leaving home for a while.

  • Don’t connect more than 3 strings of lights

  • Use battery candle lights instead of burning candles. If you do use burning candles,

  • never leave them unattended.

  • Check your smoking alarms and CO detectors and make sure they are working

  • properly

  • Always have on the hand fire extinguisher and make it easily accessible

Lastly, check your home insurance policy. If you don’t have one, it’s a perfect time to give us a


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