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How Do Farmers Spend Winter Months?

You would think that farmers are taking a long nap during these winter months before it’s time to grow again, right? They are doing anything but napping!

Winter has become very important for farmers even though they may not be on the field. It is the perfect time to prepare for what’s coming in the next couple of months- and trust us, that work can be just as exhausting and as important to a farm's success as the work in the field.

Jessika Greendeer said for Modern Farmer Newsletter: “This time of year, I am reminded that this is my dream job, carrying on the work of my people, my ancestors, and other ancestral relatives who did this work for us.”

What do farmers do during these winter weeks? Activities consist of stripping, drying, threshing, hanging, cleaning, and storing seed varieties, and many others. Farmers may focus on tax credits, marketing products, or establishing agreements with potential buyers. This involves visiting organizations and businesses, universities and colleges with agriculture programs to meet with faculty, etc.

Farmers will also take protective measures, ensuring their livestock are in good health and up to date with vaccinations. Additionally, they may research and develop better crop management strategies, and take steps to build more resilience on their land.

For farmers, winter serves as a reminder to tend to the tasks that will help them reach their goals—whether they be social, environmental, or economic—in the seasons to come.

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