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How To Keep Farm Animals Warm During The Winter

Many people wonder how horses, cows, sheep, and other farm animals stay warm when it is really cold outside. Here are some additional steps farmers should follow during the winter months.

Farm animals do a great job of staying warm with just a little help from their farmers, especially horses, cattle, and sheep which grow their own winter coats. However, if it gets windy, they need shelter.

Farmers should feed their farm animals more than usual and strive to feed them in the evening. Good food makes their body strong and gives them the energy to keep warm. When animals like horses and cattle eat oats and hay, their stomachs give off heat as they digest the food. Pigs often eat more when it’s cold. Also, the work of eating can keep animals warm!

Specifically, for pigs and chickens, farmers should put hay in houses for the animals in case they want to snuggle in and keep warm.

Don’t forget about water! Most livestock will drink as much water on a very cold day as they would on a super hot day. For most livestock, water is necessary to facilitate the digestion of heat-generating food. Without proper hydration, cows feed less and become more prone to hypothermia. If you are using heated buckets or tank heaters, be aware of stray voltage around the water!

Even though down here we don’t experience snow, it might get icy. Just like us, if an animal falls it can break its hips, legs, or other bones. The difference is that it’s often death for them. Therefore, make sure you clear any ice that occurs around their area!

Be careful as animals get sick just like people do. Keep your animals separate from the neighbor’s. You never know if their cow or horse gets sick.

While many of these strategies are not new, they are noteworthy reminders of best management practices to help keep your livestock in good condition through the cooler months of the year.

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