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How To Prepare For A Hurricane Or Tropical Storm

We are all aware of the ever-changing tropical weather that can hit here in South Carolina. Some of them stay out in the ocean while others have a direct impact on our area. Don’t take risks when you know a storm is coming. You can stay prepared at all times with simple steps!

Fix any damages to your roof. The roof itself needs to be inspected once a year to identify any cracked, broken, or displaced shingles/tiles.

Secure and store items from your patio, balcony, and/or yard that could blow around in storm winds. Storm winds can pick up even larger items such as furniture, trampolines, etc. that can damage the windows of your home or nearby parked car. Put all things away or make sure they are secure and cannot be moved around by the wind.

If you haven’t already done so, clean your gutters, downpipes, and drains regularly. It will prevent blockages and water from backing up and damaging your roof. Heavy rains will make leaves from valleys find their way into gutters and cause problems. Clean drains will make sure that surface water stays away from your property.

Trim trees and branches that could potentially fall on your home or property. For your safety, it’s better to contact a qualified arborist or tree surgeon for advice if necessary. They will identify any prevention action necessary. When planting trees, choose their location wisely.

Make sure you have an emergency kit prepared including food and water supply, medicine supply, power source, and important documents. Also, make sure you fill the car's gas tank.

Last but not least, check your current insurance policy. Ensure that your policy covers the types of events specific such as flash floods, stormwater runoff, associated landslip, and damage to properties by trees.

Thanks for reading!

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