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Need to Know When Buying A Boat

Summer is approaching- have you decided to purchase a boat this year?

When purchasing a boat, the most important step is to determine your needs, wants, and

activities you plan to do on the boat. This will allow you to narrow your choices and help

you decide on the right fit.

What type of boat do you want? Answer the following questions:

- Number of people you plan to have on board regularly.

- How do you plan to tow your boat?

- If you are storing the boat at a marina, the size will impact your cost.

Where do you want to cruise?

- Rivers: Make sure that the boat's motor can be lifted and that it has a flat bottom. Also, think about bass or bay boats as they are easily navigating shallow river waters.

- Lakes: It’s easier to choose a boat when you use them for lakes- from fishing to a

houseboat. If you want to use it for fishing but also for some water sports, choose a jet

boat or even a deck boat.

- Ocean: Because of harsher conditions, it’s better to buy a larger boat for the ocean.

Also, if you plan to go for longer trips, consider fuel capacity. Also, installing

communication devices on your boat is a must!

How much money do you have to spend?

- Set your budget and decide whether you want to buy a used or new boat.

- Inspect the boat you are buying (especially if purchasing used)

- The Engine is the most important part to check and ensure its great shape.

- Check belts- responsible boat owners maintain them.

- Ask for a sea trial

- Help from an independent marine surveyor to inspect the boat

Once you decide on a purchase, now we are here at #farmersmutual insurance to help you!

Call today for a quote.

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