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Off-Road Adrenaline

It’s heating up here in South Carolina and it’s about time to plan your summer adventures. If you are a lover of adrenaline, what is more fun than riding your ATV, dirt-bike, or any other off-road vehicle?

Off-roading is as dangerous as fun it is. If you follow some basic rules, you can avoid serious hazards.

  • Limit your speed! It’s already entertaining enough trying to drive over various obstacles.

  • Stay on the trail and use previously used paths. Do not try to make your own trail as you might find yourself stuck.

  • If you are unsure about the surface, walk it first! If you can walk it, it’s likely that your off-road vehicle can handle it.

  • Be willing to walk back if your vehicle gets stuck in the mud or somewhere else.

  • Let somebody know if you are going on an off-road trip. Take care of yourself and anyone who is going with you.

Having proper insurance is essential! ATV or other off-road vehicle insurance can cover theft, accidents, injury and more.

We can help you protect your vehicle from damages and wrecks. Enjoy your ride and don’t worry if you hit a bump in the road or get a little scratch.

Thanks for reading! Your friends at Farmers Mutual 749 Wilson Road, Newberry, SC 29108 803-276-1814 #FarmersMutualSC #MoreThanJustFarms #WinterHomePreparation

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