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Prepare For Fall Harvest- Safety Tips

Are you getting ready for the fall harvest? What crops are you planning to plant this season?

Whatever you decide to do, there are certain safety reminders from Penn State that you should always keep in mind.

Make sure your equipment is safe to use. Avoid using older equipment. If you use a tractor, always tend to use one equipped with ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) when possible. Double-check lighting as you might be forced to travel in the early mornings or at night. Ensure that you have a reflective, slow-moving vehicle triangle on the back of your tractor.

We know you will be rushing to get that last field harvested. Make sure you turn off the tractor when you are getting off to check or unclog any piece of equipment. Get enough breaks and rest. Do not sacrifice nutrition nor sleep by any means.

Help is always welcome. However, you need to be careful. If your neighbor, family member, or friend is coming to help, it’s important that you provide that person with proper safety training.

Some harvesting cannot be done with tractors and it requires hand harvesting and heavy lifting. It’s better to take multiple trips with lighter loads rather than lifting or carrying too much. You can get serious back injuries if you are not careful enough.

Have personal protective equipment, such as earplugs, gloves, and safety glasses when appropriate.

Hitching systems can reduce time waste. You won’t need to get on and off the tractor numerous times to hitch and unhitch implements. This will improve your safety and protect your hips and knees as you won’t need to jump off the tractor a lot of times.

Last but not least- don’t forget to get covered with the proper insurance policy! Contact us today for an insurance checkup.

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