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Read This Before Driving In Extreme Weather Again

Did You Know?

Driving in hazardous climate conditions can be exceptionally nerve-wracking. In South Carolina alone Monitoring how to change your driving in extreme weather such as; Heavy rain and Thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow and foggy situations can assist you with remaining quiet during your drive.

Driving in Rain and Thunderstorms


  • Turn on your headlights, wipers and defroster to expand perceivability.

  • Drive in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you and lessen your speed.

  • Take into consideration expanded space between your vehicle and the one before you.

  • Assuming that you hydroplane, hold the directing wheel straight and eliminate your foot from the gas.

Driving During Tornadoes:

In the event that you are driving in a tornadoes, get out your vehicle and track down cover. On the hand if there isn't a structure close by, lie in a trench and spot your arms over your head.


Driving During Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain:

  • Make sure to wipe off any ice and snow off your windows or hood and trunk prior to leaving.

  • Drive with outrageous alert and at decreased rates.

  • Try not to slow down rapidly as you might go crazy.

Driving While It's Foggy

  • Dial back before you arrive at a fix of haze before you.

  • Utilize just your low shafts or mist lights and put on your defroster and wipers to build perceivability.

  • In case the mist is incredibly thick, roll down every one of your windows to hear different vehicles around you.

Wellbeing First

It is significant that you permit additional room between your vehicle and the one before you when driving in snow. You will require three to multiple times the measure of halting distance that you regularly need with practically no precipitation.

Additionally, ensure you have the right auto car accident protection plan that meets your requirements. Contact Farmers Mutual Insurance today to find out additional.

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