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Renters Insurance- Finding Affordable Coverage

Whether you rent an apartment as a college student, or you live together with your spouse and children, renter’s insurance is always recommended.

Renters insurance will not just protect your personal belongings but also protects you if you are held legally responsible for injuries to another person or guest while they’re visiting your home.

What are some of the affordable renter’s coverage options you shall consider?

Personal Property Coverage (Standard)

If your personal possessions—including furniture, clothing, and appliances—are damaged or stolen as a result of a covered loss, Safeco will arrange for them to be repaired or replaced.

Liability Coverage (Standard)

It will defend you if someone makes a claim against you for accidentally causing an injury or damaging property — for example, if someone is hurt in your yard or you damage property at someone else’s home.

Additional Living Expenses (Standard)

Your home will be protected against losses from events such as fire or lightning; weight of ice, snow, or sleet; windstorms; hail; theft or vandalism; and more.

Valuable Articles Coverage (Optional)

Extra coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, art, collectibles, or camera equipment.

Personal Property Replacement Cost Coverage (Optional)

For just under a few dollars a month, equipment breakdown coverage is a cost-effective way to keep critical household equipment up and running after mechanical or electrical breakdowns—which are often not covered under a standard homeowner’s policy.

To find more about our options, give us a call today! We will help you to determine the best renter’s coverage options for you.

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