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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

As winter departs, it’s time to check for any damage that may have occurred and be ready for the warm days ahead.

Spring is a perfect time to get some larger home projects done. We have experienced a few storms this past winter and it is likely that our property requires repairs. Additionally, you can start preparing your garden for summer days.

First things first, clean gutters and downspouts of debris. Cleaning these will help prevent possible damage from spring rains. Water will be diverted away from your house and no water will collect around your foundation.

Have you thought about refreshing your woodwork? Wood decks, fences, railings, trellises, pergolas, and other outdoor structures will last longer and stay in better condition if they’re stained or resealed every year or two.

As spring kicks off, you will be facing some unwanted guests around your property. Termites swarm in the spring along with other insects as well. Think about calling a licensed professional pest control company. You will save money and trouble in the long run. Had a bad experience with mosquitoes in the past few years? The best way to prevent mosquitoes around your home is simply by getting rid of any standing water.

Take a look at your roof. See if there are any missing shingles, metal pipes that are damaged, or anything that simply doesn’t look right. If you notice anything unusual, call a roofer.

How about making your exterior look fresh this spring. Decide on what colors you want to bloom around your home. Inspect your walkways, paths and check if there is any damage after the freezing days during this winter. Also, make sure that your sprinkler and irrigation systems are working properly.

Inspect your doors and windows. Keep bugs out by fixing any holes and tears.

Last but not least, schedule an air conditioning service. To keep it running as efficiently as possible, change the filters at least once each season, and hire a licensed professional to service the equipment before summer starts.

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