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The Best Crops to Garden In South Carolina

Growing your own vegetables is a satisfying way to get your hands on fresh and delicious produce. Want to know what crops grow best around here in SC?

Planting for Fall harvest may begin as early as February. However, if you live in a cooler part of the state, you can begin in June or early July. It all depends on the weather conditions you are in.

Planning before planting is key when it comes to gardens. Draw out what you would like the area to look like. Plan to plant your crops in three-foot-wide rows. This way you’ll be able to access and care for the plants easily. Remember that different crops need to be planted at different times.

Let’s take a look at the list of best crops to garden around here in SC:

  • Beans: Plant your beans in June. If you’re in a hot region, you can plant your first crop of beans in March and do a second crop in October.

  • Broccoli: In all areas across the state, you can plant broccoli in February for a spring crop and September for a fall crop.

  • Corn: Plant corn in June if you’re in a cooler region. The warmer it gets, the earlier you can plant. In southern parts of the state, you can plant corn as early as March and then again in October.

  • Onions: Plan to plant onions in April or May.

  • Peppers: In most areas of the state, you can follow the planting schedule for onions. If you’re in the hot south, you can plant peppers in March and September.

  • Squash: Prepare to plant squash in June. In the Charleston area, you can plant squash in April.

  • Spinach: Plant spinach in April and September if you’re in the northern part of the state. Other areas can plant spinach in March and October.

  • Tomatoes: May is a great time of year to plant tomatoes outside in most parts of South Carolina. If you’re near the coast or in the south, you can plant as early as March.

Source: https://blog.bonsecours.com/healthy/best-crops-home-gardening-virginia-south-carolina/

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