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Tips to Cut Car Insurance Costs

We are all looking to save money in one way or another. However, the question is how to do it wisely, especially when it comes to necessary things such as car insurance.

Wondering how to lower car insurance costs?

Take advantage of multi-car discounts. If you obtain a quote insuring several drivers or vehicles, insurance companies may offer a smaller rate.

Think about taking a defensive driving course. Some insurance companies will provide a discount for drivers who complete this kind of course. This is especially important for student drivers.

Your mileage matters. If you use your vehicle to travel 3 hours a day, this will significantly increase your insurance premium. Therefore, consider taking mass transit and decrease your mileage.

There is no need to buy a huge SUV when a smaller sedan can “do the job”. Additionally, if you buy a hybrid car, insurance companies will usually offer discounts for those.

Increase deductible. Generally, the higher deductible the lower the annual premium.

Your credit score matters for insurers. If you are responsible for your personal life and finances, you are less likely to file claims.

Considering installing anti-theft devices. Most modern cars come with standard anti-theft equipment. Most insurance companies may lower premiums if you have the extra protection.

Many companies offer pay-as-you-go insurance. If you are a safe, low-mileage driver, this usage-based insurance program may be available to you. You will let the insurer track your driving in exchange for possible discounts based on how much you drive.

For more auto insurance tips, feel free to contact us today!

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