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Top 15 Safest Cars for 2021

Are you looking to purchase a new car? Safety should be one of the top priorities that affect your choice. U.S News singled out some of the safest cars that are affordable to the majority.

Wondering about the features and the price of each of these models? Click here.

Whatever you choose to purchase, don’t forget to add the proper coverage to your vehicle. Get your quote today here.

1) Toyota Camry

2) Honda Insight

3) Kia Optima

4) Subaru Impreza

5) Honda Accord

6) Mazda3

7) Hyundai Veloster

8) Mazda6

9) Nissan Maxima

10) Toyota Corolla

11) Toyota Corolla Hybrid

12) Subaru Legacy

13) Volkswagen Passat

14) Kia Cadenza

15) Honda Civic

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