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Tragic or Funny- Broken Phone

Some of the AT&T surveys showed that around 72% of people have broken their phone at least once, while 57% of them have done it twice. Whether you find it heartbreaking or funny, chances that you are going to break your phone are very high!

In the mentioned survey, people shared some funny and bizarre situations of breaking their phones: sneezing and cracking their phone on bedpost; watching their kid throw their phone out of a window; dropping their phones in orange juice, coffee, the river, or the toilet; waving to a friend and forgetting their phone is in their hand; etc.

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Nowadays, most electronic devices (phones, laptops, etc.) cost over $1,000 and it’s understandable that they are considered as an investment in your life. Therefore, you might want to protect your investment from any silly drops, losses, thefts or water damages. Your phone warranty will most likely not cover damage in such an accident and therefore protecting your device with insurance can be the best choice!

Interested in protecting your electronic devices? Check if your phone or laptop is worth insurance coverage and visit

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