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Valuables at Home: What Can I Insure?

Many households include a mix of generations which means a mix of possessions and valuables. When valuables are in your house, on your property, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. That means you need to be sure that things you don’t actually own are covered by homeowners’ insurance policy.

You can start by documenting everything you own and don’t own and what it would cost to replace it. Given that many homeowner’s policies set the limit based on a percentage of the replacement cost of the home, if you have very valuable items such as jewelry or artwork, ask your insurance agent about a rider or floater to

cover them.

Some of the items are often overlooked and they might be in your home but you do not own them:

- Furniture

- Collectibles

- Musical instruments

- Scientific equipment

- Sports gear

- Seasonal gear

- Power and hand tools

- Art

- Vehicles

- Boats

- Recreational vehicles

- Family heirlooms

Some items may have more sentimental value than market value. Therefore, you can’t really put a price on family scrapbooks. Make sure you have duplicates of items such as those. If you have doubts, hire a licensed appraiser to review your collections.

What to include in your home inventory list?

Documenting inventory is different from figuring out what to insure. Sort your possessions into three categories: things that probably require additional insurance; things that definitely are not worth insuring and things that are probably worth adding insurance protection.

Items worth insuring or adding additional protection:

- Fine furniture

- Genuine jewelry

- High-end electronics

- Sterling silver

- Antiques

- Art with an established provenance, such as signed limited-edition prints

Probably already insured by your homeowner’s policy:

- Easily replaceable items such as not-rare books, electronics, and appliances

- Unfinished projects

- Nonfunctional and obsolete electronics and appliances

- Replaceable toys

- Office supplies

- Pantry inventory and other consumables

- Holiday decorations

Feel free to reach out to us for additional help! We will help you determine the right coverage.

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