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Tomorrow, March 18th, some parts of South Carolina along with Newberry County have a

the threat for severe weather including flooding, severe thunderstorms, and the possibility of a


Be prepared!

● Prevent items from “taking flight” in your backyard. Store outdoor items

somewhere safe or put them inside until the weather passes.

● Park your car in the garage if you have a garage. If not, make sure your car is not

under trees, near power lines, and put it on higher ground.

● When driving, stay off the bridges over fast-moving water. NEVER drive through

fast-moving water that is on the roads.

● Always have an emergency kit ready and keep one in the car.

● Stay tuned and follow news and radio reports/instructions.

Farm Protection:

● If you have animals, get them under the shelter immediately.

● Set up wind barriers around crops by using bags of soil, rocks, or sand.

● Place buckets over crops.

● Protect young seedlings by laying row cover fabric over the top of them and securing

the edges with landscape pegs. The fabric will keep the rain from hammering the soil

and the tender plants.

● Stake tall plants that may suffer breakage.

Farmers Mutual cares about your safety!

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