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What Is The Right Insurance Coverage For Your New Car?

After a few weeks of research and comparing different models, you have just made your

decision to purchase a new car. Congratulations! Before you hit the road, remember to

check one more item off your list: auto insurance.

There are several coverage areas that are essential. However, we recommend you look over

some additional coverage options as well.

New vehicle replacement

If you are the owner of the car that is totaled or stolen, you will be paid the full value of the

car you lost or a comparable model. If you don’t have this in addition to your policy, you

may have to settle for a replacement car that is of lesser value than the original.

Loan and lease coverage

If you are financing your car, this coverage is highly recommended. When you finance a new

car and it is totaled or stolen, you are still responsible for paying out the entire loan (which

is more than what the car is worth). With loan and lease coverage, you would be

compensated for the gap between what’s left on your loan and the depreciated value of

your car.

OEM parts replacement

OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are the preferable option when you replace

parts on your car. Hence, adding this optional coverage will make sure that all repairs or

replacements made to your damaged vehicle will include new OEM parts where available.

A car is a large investment, and therefore it’s crucial to make sure it is appropriately


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