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Winter Survival Tips For Farms

Winter comes as a relief for many farmers after a long growing season. Freezing temperatures can be challenging but there are ways to thrive until spring arrives.

Cover plants and use cover crops. Your fall garden can hang in there for a while with just a little bit of row cover that will keep the cold off the plants and keep the heat around them.

Make sure your crops are well watered, especially if you are expecting frost. After the plants have absorbed the water, they’ll be able to retain more heat and insulate themselves against the cold.

Shelter for farm animals. First thing first, you want to keep them dry so make sure they have a good roof over their heads. They don’t necessarily need to be indoors but should not get wet on cold days. Also, block the wind- you can do this by closing barn doors or gates with blankets.

Feed hay during the fall. Stockpile your fall grasses by providing hay during these months. Make sure you feed your animals at night during the cold winter nights. It will increase their heat production during the night by the activity of eating and ruminating.

Considering winter crops? These are some that can survive cold weather: beets, broccoli, cabbage, leafy lettuce, carrots, green onions, celery, etc.

Winter days can be long and dreary but enjoy this time- a slower, less frantic pace than the rest of the year. And if you have a few moments to reflect on farm business needs, call us for an insurance audit.

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