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Home Spring Maintenance

With the unfortunate situation due to the ongoing coronavirus, it makes all of us nervous about the future. We are impatiently waiting to get back to a normal daily routine or at least a new normal daily routine. Until then, we have some extra time to focus on many different things that we haven’t thought about previously. Hence, it’s an opportunity to take care of your home like never before.

Neither you or your family will be bored anymore, and you can do a big favor to yourself by taking care of spring cleaning and home maintenance.

We suggest you get storm-ready by taking some easy and low-cost steps.

  1. Organize your garage. When we buy a house, we plan to keep our car safe in the garage. Eventually, it can become a storage for everything but cars. Clean your garage and free up space for the car, in case a hail storm shows up.

  2. Trim tree limbs. Trees and different plants around your house make it peaceful and charming. However, be aware of overhanging branches which can damage your roof, car, or yourself.

  3. Inspect your roof and clean gutters. Prevent any leaks or roof damage and make sure that water is running away.

  4. Check your windows and doors. Ensure there are no gaps or cracks and prevent water running inside your home.

Stay safe and healthy and make most out of your free time!

Thanks for reading!

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