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Peek Into the Future of Homes

The focus on hygiene has never been as conspicuous as nowadays, and we have all become more aware of germs and easiness of their spreads. During the coronavirus outbreak, everyone spent most of their time at home, where we feel the safest. Is home germ-free? Absolutely not- but there are some “germ-resistant” surfaces that can prevent the spread of germs and therefore illnesses. In the future, this will be the main target when renovating or building new homes.

Post coronavirus world will bring some innovative interior design ideas. Mudrooms will again be front and center. Studies have shown that most of the germs are brought into our homes on shoes. Hence, mudroom will become a necessity.

Another consideration will be on the flooring. The decrease of laminate flooring will become even more noticeable. Vinyl flooring and cork flooring are naturally antimicrobial as well as water-resistant, allowing for cleaners such as bleach, steam, and disinfectants to be used without damaging the material, and keeping your family safe at the same time.

Copper will begin to replace stainless steel in kitchens and bathrooms. Bacteria can survive a long time on stainless steel. Studies have shown that coronavirus can survive up to 72 hours of stainless steel versus only 4 hours on copper.

Lastly, voice-controlled and touchless technology will become more prevalent and more affordable, rather than being considered a luxury. It might sound insane, but we can soon get to the point where perhaps doors open with voice command or seeing inside the fridge without opening it.

We cannot be 100% sure what’s coming next, but we can anticipate and try to adjust to it!

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