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Winter Vehicle Preparation

#Winter is coming sooner than you realize. Even though the weather is usually not severe in South Carolina, it can change quickly, and temperatures can drop to 40°F or below. The past few winters, we experienced very little snow. Don’t get complacent with the mild weather. Make sure your vehicle is ready for a safe ride during winter weather conditions. Here are several things you should do to stay safe while on the road:

- Check your tires using the penny test. If the tread is slow change them.

- If you are preparing for longer trips this winter, make sure you have high-energy snacks with you. Check your car safety kit for a working flashlight, blankets, road flares, and first aid kit.

- Check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels.

- Use winter windshield washer fluid.

- Change your oil. It is best to use winter grade oil.

- Inspect your battery and your heater (AC).

Your friend at Farmers Mutual Insurance wishes you safe travels this winter!

Thanks for reading!

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